Monday, April 20, 2009

Virtual PC 2007 SP1

Virtual PC

Virtual PC is a software that allows to run multiple operating Systems simultaneously on a single Computer/Workstation.
Virtual PC runs on the following operating systems:

· Windows XP Professional
· Windows XP Tablet PC
· Windows Server 2003
· Windows Vista Business
· Windows Vista Enterprise
· Windows Vista Ultimate.

By using Virtual PC we can create separate virtual machines on our Windows desktop each of which virtualizes the hardware of the entire computer. The main advantage of this Virtual PC is we can run the computer on two different virtual machines working under two different operating systems and also can switch between them as if we are working with two applications.

For some people all the software applications they might want to run may not work on the operating system they have in their computers. For them this is the apt solution. They can install Virtual PC without changing the system’s original operating system and install operating system in the virtual machine that supports their software applications. This not only makes it an easy way to solve the problem but also provides time-saving and cost-saving solution.


Virtual PC can be used under following scenarios:

· Simplify Migration: As discussed above run the software applications in the virtual machine instead of re-installing the entire operating system due to application incompatibility.
· Save Time: Restore the virtual machines to their previous state instantly.
· Configuration: Once installed Virtual PC can be configured to suit the requirements. It has many settings that makes it interact with the physical computer, allocating the resources and so on.
· Installation: It is very easy to install the Virtual PC. So as to say it is as simple as executing a set up file. Soon after installation it allows to create a virtual machine.
· Convenience: Users can switch between applications very easily. Individual virtual machines can be paused which stops using CPU cycles on the physical computer. Virtual machines can also be saved to disk and can be restored later. The restoration process is very fast, as fast as it takes only few seconds.


Virtual PC requires:

· A 400 MHz Pentium-compatible processor (1.0 GHz or faster recommended).
· Approximately 35 MB of disk space.

The following are the requirements for some of the operating systems that can be run as a guest operating system.

Guest Operating System

Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition - 64 MB(Memory) - 500 MB(Hard disk)

Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) - 96 MB - 2 GB

Windows 2000 Professional - 96 MB - 2 GB

Windows XP Home Edition - 128 MB - 2 GB

Windows XP Professional - 128 MB - 2 GB

Windows Vista Enterprise - 512 MB - 15 GB

Windows Vista Business - 512 MB - 15 GB

Windows Vista Ultimate - 512 MB - 15 GB

Windows Vista SP1 (Business, Enterprise, Ultimate)512 MB - 15 GB

Windows XP SP3 - 256 MB - 3 GB

Windows Server 2008 - 512 MB - 20 GB

OS/2 Warp Version 4 Fix Pack 15, OS/2 Warp Convenience Pack 1, OS/2 Warp Convenience Pack 2 - 64 MB - 500 MB

*Note: Virtual PC can run most x86 operating systems, not just the operating systems listed above, in a virtual machine environment.
The above mentioned figures are the minimum requirements.


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